CISV Singapore

Camp Diversity

This programmes will have participants to understand what diversity is and to become active global citizens by applying what they learn and experience.

Diversity comes with challenges. Some mention difficulties in living together with different cultures in simple moments such as shower time, while others mention how hard it is for a group of leaders to manage their decision making, especially in critical moments or tough situations. As for example, when leaders get to decide on an activity or a change in the schedule, their different culture will interfere and will result in a longer process to decide, while having everyone’s opinion respected and heard.

Diversity brings a sense of challenge and teaches valuable life skills about how to communicate and get along effectively with others.

Learning Objectives includes:

  • Increase respect and mutual understand cross culture.
  • Increases creativity in problem solving through new perspectives, ideas and strategies.
  • Increases trust and cooperation.
  • Helps overcome dear of mistakes, competition, or conflict.
  • Promotes inclusion and equality.

In past editions, Camp Diversity has been affectionately named Camp Rojak. ‘Rojak’ is a tasty salad dish made up of different ingredients and it reflects the cultural diversity of Singapore, where different ethnic groups come together and mixed harmoniously with one another.

CAMP ROJAK aims to bring together youths from the Asia Pacific region to build friendship and learn more about each other’s culture through activities and traditional games.

CAMP Singapura is a 5D4N programme designed to promote social cohesion and harmony. Based on CISV’s extensive programming experience, this programme seeks to engage students in various types of diversity themed activities. Students will be engaged in post activity reflection to internalise the learning points.

Learning objectives of this CAMP SINGAPURA:

  1. Gain deeper understanding of the ethnic groups.
  2. Strengthen intercultural understanding, tolerance and friendship
  3. Value and appreciate Singapore’s social-cultural diversity.
  4. Develop sense of belonging to Singapore and be proud to be a Singaporean

Social Cohesion and Harmony

Singapore has come a long way since its independence in 1965. We have enjoyed many years of peace and stability through racial harmony. A key to our success is the cohesive social fabric that has been built up painstakingly over the last 50 years. This multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-language society co-exists in a volatile region where a single spark can ignite and lead to uncontrollable social unrest.

We hold this very dearly, strengthening our beliefs in our Pledge to be ‘One United People’ regardless of Race, Language or Religion. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and they carry the torch to ensure social cohesion and national unity.