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International Travel Insurance

CISV Travel Insurance: Policy Information (2017)


As of the 2016 programme year, all participants in CISV international programmes are automatically covered by the CISV Travel Insurance. It is also available upon request for participants in Regional Meetings/Training Forums, IJBC and Global Conference.


You have 24 Hour worldwide cover from the time of leaving your home until your return. Here are some of the main things covered. For details, please see the policy document.


The cost of the insurance is included in programme participation fees and is based generally on the length of the programme. There is no additional charge for programme staff. The costs are:

– £22 per person for Village, Step Up, Interchange and Seminar Camp
– £18 per person for Youth Meeting and IPP
– £18 per person for other Events / Meetings (including up to 10 days of extra travel)
– £14 per person for Events / Meetings (where travel is only to and from the event and the trip is completed within 7 days, no extra travel)

There is no deductible (excess) that you have to pay on any claims!


Period covered
You are covered for the entire period of your CISV international programme or meeting, travel days to and from the event, plus up to 10 extra days of leisure travel (when in line with CISV International Basic Programme Rules).


What is Covered?

1. Accidental Injury

Payments for specific serious injuriesUp to £60,000


2. Medical Needs

Medical and other expenses including:
• Pre-existing conditions are covered if they are controlled
• Psychiatric counselling following a traumatic event
• Where medically needed, transport to another hospital or repatriation (return to home country)
Up to £1,000,000


3. Travel / Cancellation

Irrecoverable* travel costs when a trip is cancelled or someone has to return home due to:
• Illness or accident
• Illness or accident of the adult leader leading to the need to cancel or shorten the trips of the youth delegates
• CISV programme is cancelled or cut short as set in section D of the policy
Up to £1,000


*These costs can be claimed where the airline or travel company has refused to refund them.


4. Travel / Baggage, Personal Effects

• Loss of baggage and personal effects not covered by carrierUp to £2,000, but a maximum of £500 for any one item
• Emergency purchases due to loss/delay of baggage not covered by carrierUp to £250
• Necessary hotel and food expenses not covered by airlines in the case of major flight delay (greater than 6 hours)Up to £250


5. Crisis Management and Emergency Evacuation

Specialist consultancy and assistance services in the event of a political security event, malicious act, civil commotion or natural disaster.Up to £500,000 per event


6. Personal Liability

Personal Liability coverage for non-criminal damage to others or to their property that is not in the care of CISV or the insured personUp to £1,000,000



This insurance started in the 2016 programme year. Information will be made available on an ongoing basis and will be posted on the web site, including these Info File documents:

– N03A CISV Travel Insurance Policy Wording
– N-04 CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start or make a Claim
– N-04A Flowchart – CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start a Claim
– N-04B CISV Travel Insurance – Crisis Management Coverage


Please consult the Travel Insurance Information page (which has links to the above documents) and Frequently Asked Questions on Please direct any queries to the International Office.